What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant provides professional administrative support to individuals and businesses requiring expert solutions. Your Virtual Assistant generally works from their home office, providing remote services when you need them. Electronic communication via various technologies (such as the Internet, email and phone), mean that you can access your Virtual
Assistant from anywhere in the world.



Why use a Virtual Assistant?

In the current financial climate the last thing you want to be paying for is unnecessary extras. Outsourcing your administrative tasks increases your flexibility and reduces your commitment. Virtual Assistants work behind the scenes only when you need them, giving you the freedom to focus on what really matters to you. It is quality support without the price tag.



What savings can I make with a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are extremely cost effective. As a Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor, you are not responsible for incurring any sick pay, annual leave or superannuation. Nor do you have to provide extra office space, equipment or supplies. Working with a Virtual Assistant means you only pay for what you want. On average, a Virtual Assistant costs 60% less than hiring staff on payroll. Think of what you could do with the savings!



Is a Virtual Assistant right for me?

The short answer is yes. Whether you are a company that might need some detailed research completed, or an individual that perhaps requires a large document typed, Virtual Assistants tailor their services to match your needs. They are able to do one-off projects or something more long term, developing great business relationships along the way.



How can a VA access my files and programs?

Virtual Assistants make use of a wide range of technologies available in the virtual world. Whether it is communicating over Skype, screen sharing via TeamViewer, managing social media with HootSuite or working collaboratively through cloud services, there are many ways and means to get the task done remotely.



How can I trust my Virtual Assistant?

The privacy of your personal information is of upmost importance, and confidentiality is essential for any working relationship. Virtual Assistants respect the need for privacy by all parties, and a non-disclosure agreement ensures that everyone is comfortable before work begins.



What if I’ve never used a Virtual Assistant before?

No problem. Hiring a Virtual Assistant shouldn’t be daunting, and we aim to make the process as easy as possible. As a starting point, think about why you need a Virtual Assistant, what tasks you would like to delegate and what goals you would like to achieve. And if there are any questions along the way, just ask – we’re in this together!


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